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Emergency Aid for Ukraine

Damaged infrastructure, a lack of water and food supplies, fear for survival: this is the current dramatic situation for millions of people in Ukraine.

The war will continue to have devastating effects on civilian and public life. Access to water, electricity, transport, markets, health care and banks will be restricted. Cold winter weather and COVID-19 are also presenting a major challenge for millions of people seeking safety.

Please help the people of Ukraine with your donations! Every € matters. Reference Word "Help Ukraine".

BoxMeo and Impactiful Christmas Donation
Stronger together!

Are you looking for a meaningful present this year? A present which is urgently needed in these special times with COVID-19? And a present which is sustainable?
Let's spread health and protection!
With your donation we are supplying hygiene boxes and face masks for those people being most exposed to the coronavirus.

The donated products allow the hygienic re-use of face masks in an environmentally friendly way. This is aimed at reducing the risk of indirect COVID-19 infection and decrease the viral spread.

Gofundme- BoxMeo Donation
Fundraising for COVID-19 relief

For people already living in crisis, COVID-19 is devastating. Support us in delivering aid for people in extraordinary need.

Together with your support, we want to donate another 10,000 self-sanitizing hygiene boxes and masks to India's street children. In this way, they can better protect themselves against the danger of the coronavirus.

Working together makes the world a better place!
Please support us - every euro counts ♥

View the COVID-19 Relief in Action

Donation of the self-sanitizing BoxMeo Celsius Boxes and face masks.
You also want to take action and help the most vulnerable?

Donate easily with Paypal/Credit Card or directly to the bank account: Impactiful
IBAN: CH50 0900 0000 1558 7378 4 

Thank You so much ♥ 

Our latest Projects for COVID-19 relief.

COVID-19 Aid for street children in India.
BoxMeo Donation
COVID-19 Aid for India's street children.
Donation of 3000 BoxMeo Celsius & masks to Sunshine Project India.
Donation of 3200 BoxMeo Celsius & masks to Aasraa Trust.
Impactiful & COVID

For people already living in crisis, COVID-19 is devastating. For residents of townships or slums, it is very difficult to comply with social distancing requirements. Under these conditions the lack of personal protective equipment and sanitation accelerates the viral spread. The price for not wearing face masks cost several 100.000 lives.

Face masks became a necessity to enable low- and middle-income economies to remain resilient through this pandemic.

That’s why our purpose is to make personal hygienic protection especially accessible to the most vulnerable populations. Together with our partners we aim to deliver sustainable aid.


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