COVID-19 relief – Collective action makes the world a better place

As India’s deadliest COVID-19 surge becomes the worst in the world, Impactiful, Siemens and BoxMeo have taken on the challenge to help people in extraordinary need. COVID-19 is devastating and the lack of personal protective equipment and sanitation amplifies its impact. Together with Siemens we donated in total 10.000 life-saving BoxMeo devices and masks to India’s children in need. The donated products allow the hygienic re-use of face masks in an environmentally friendly way. This is aimed at reducing the risk of indirect COVID-19 infection and decrease the viral spread. Thanks to this donation the lives’ of several thousands of families can be better protected.

Covid-19 relief for the most vulnerable

Children in particular are the ones who suffer the most from the living conditions in India - there is often a lack of sufficient drinking water, food, electricity, hygiene and education. And thus, also no guarantee of hygienic protection against COVID-19.

Our purpose is to help those children. That’s’ why we support charitable projects in India who support these suffering street children. Instead of spending their time on the streets, there the children receive love, food, clothes, school uniforms and also Private tutoring to support them on the way to graduation. The project provides the children with everything essential to give them a perspective in life.

Thanks to Siemens we started an initiative in India to distribute 10.000 BoxMeo Celsius boxes to those charitable projects which give underprivileged children a perspective in life. This enables them to better protect themselves against the virus.

3200 of the Boxes and masks were distributed to Aasraa Trust. They are empowering 3900 slum & street with education, vocational training, healthcare, shelter homes & counselling. 

Collective action makes the world a better place! We want to donate another 10.000 hygiene BoxMeo kits to the most vulnerable ♥

You also want to take action and show your solidarity?  Please donate directly or support us in our fundraising campaign at GoFundMe. 
Or donate directly to CH50 0900 0000 1558 7378 4 or via Paypal.

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