What is Impactiful?

Impactiful is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of making hygienic personal protection accessible to those most vulnerable. We promote public health and public health care, in particular the prevention and control of communicable diseases. In addition, we aim to promote development cooperation and civic engagement for the benefit of charitable, benevolent, and ecclesiastical purposes. 


We focus on serving and delivering aid for people in extraordinary need.


Our featured donated products aim to reduce waste and allow the re-use. 


We believe that simple and innovative solutions bring value to the most vulnerable. 

What we do to end the pandemic:


Self Sanitizing-Boxes

We supply the people most severe exposed to COVID-19 with the BoxMeo Celsius Boxes. Using them face masks can be sanitized and hygienically re-used. 


Face Masks

In countries where vaccinations are not available in big spectrum, face masks are the only layer of protection.



With the distribution of the goods our local partners educate the beneficiaries about the importance of face mask hygiene and Covid measures.

Impactifuls Locations

Basel - Switzerland

Stuttgart - Germany

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